AKIDA PROMO is a specialized company offering  Innovating Worldwide Promotional Services & Tickets Sales, On-site Production, Logistics & Management – For Festivals, Labels & Artists!

All in one Agency, aiming to satisfy any of your Promotion & Production needs!

Artists Management & Bookings are offered from sister company AKIDA BOOKINGS (

AKIDA PROMO Founded by professionals of communication and culture, who have vast experience in organizing, planning and coverage of Music Festivals, Cultural and Corporate Events.

Our members have an active presence in the field since 1994 and significant experience gained from their long and successful presence in prominent management, promotion and production companies.

The company has always been active in International Music Festivals and Events business in Greece, but mainly abroad as Promotion & Sales Manager and Production & On-Site Manager in many festivals.

With experience of organization, design, management, promotion and production of over 500 concerts, parties and events in stadiums, concert halls, nightclubs, entertainment venues through Europe and over 100 Outdoor International Music Festivals worldwide, Akida can guarantee the results of their work.

Our main goal is being a reliable partner towards our contacts, always trying to deliver quality for a reasonably price. We have the knowledge, contacts and the experience to do things right and on time!

AKIDA PROMO is directed by Mike Akida (organizer of Samothraki Dance Festival, Summer Love Festival EU, Eco Music Festival, Free Earth Festival).

AKIDA PROMO has 100 countries visiting their webpages each month and has a worldwide promotion team that works for the company – doing PR, selling tickets, spreading flyers – posters, posting on forums, social networks and mail boards in many english and non-english speaking countries.

FOR FESTIVALS GOERS, we provide ways to find festivals/events around the corner or around the world, to plan travel, to make tickets reservations and to learn something about how communities around the world celebrate.

FOR ORGANIZERS, MANAGERS, LABELS & ARTISTS, channeling our 20+ years experience in the music industry, we provide Production, Management, Artists Bookings, Communications & Logistics Services. Of course, Worldwide Marketing, Promotion & Sales through our wide network in 100 countries, where we operate physically and electronically.