Festivals around the world we have been lucky enough to have work with:

Samothraki Dance Festival (Greece)

Vuuv (Germany)

Ozora Festival (Hungary)

Freedom Festival (Portugal)

Glade (UK)

Transahara Festival (Morocco)

Spirit Base Festival (Austria)

Sol Festival (Spain)

Lost Theory Festival (Croatia)

Aurora Festival (Greece)

Tree of Life Festival (Turkey)

Time and Space Festival (Mexico)

Paradise Festival (Austria)

303 Art Festival (Brasil)

Psychedelic Circus Festival (Germany)

Indie Free Festival (Greece)

Tribal Gathering / Geo Paradise (Panama)

Cosmo Festival (UK)

Life Festival (Ireland)

Somuna Festival (Swiss)

Tangra Festival (Bulgaria)

Sonica Festival (Italy)

Transylvania Calling (Romania)

Hadra Festival (France)

Tribes Gathering (Belgium)

Psybox Festival (Austria)

Metsa Festival (Finland)

Ruigoord Solstice Festival (Netherlands)

Vortex  РOpen Source Festival (South Africa)

Positive Vibrations Festival (South Africa)

Origin Festival (South Africa)

Zagoa Festival (Morocco)

Shanti Mind Festival (Turkey)

Vibe Festival (Checz Republic)

Existence Festival (Finland)

Forestronika Festival (Lebanon)

Rang Festival (India)

Popol Vuh – Space Mothership (Mexico)

Music and Cultural Festival (Greece)

Summer Love Festival (Greece)

Twilight Zone Festival (Greece)

Eco Music Festival (Greece)

B Fest (Greece)

Legalize It Festival (Greece)

PLUR Festival (Greece)

1200 Meters Festival (Greece)

Jembalang Festival (Greece)

Halkidiki Dance Festival (Greece)

Free Earth Festival / Free Earth Festival (Greece)

Sun Reload Festival (Mexico)

Natural Experience Festival (Mexico)

Symbiosis Electro Fest (Mexico)

Russian Xmas Festival / Goa Freaks Community (Goa/India)

Monster Dance Festival /Vinahast (Goa/India)

Paradox Festival (Goa/India)

Shpongle Concert (Belgium)

Zagoa Festival (Morocco)

Freaks in Love Festival (Turkey)

Ayata Festival (Turkey)

Seli Mountain Gathering (Greece)

Shamballa Festival (Turkey)

Psy Island Festival (Hungary)

Wicked Forest Festival (Serbia)

September Ritual Festival (Turkey)


Labels that have supported the relevant Akida label services this first year of launch:

BooM! Records! (Netherlands)

3D Vision Recordings (Spain)

Zero 1 Music (UK)

Blacklite Records (Italy)

YSE Records (Isreal)

Pixan Recordings (Italy)

Dropland Recordings (Spain)

Akida Releases (Greece)

GreenTree Records (Belgium)

Catalyst Records (Mexico)